We invest in green energy with a good conscience,
stable cash flows and high risk-adjusted returns.


Mulledmont Solar is a renewable energy specialist due to many years and a consolidated know-how. Satisfactory and quick achievements are reached through constant monitoring of projects by qualified team members, keeping track of deadlines, and management of operating costs. A reliable assessment of projects development ensures optimal timing of entry into promising projects, where risks are predictable and limited, and balanced by adequate returns.

1. Project Development

Mulledmont Solar works with selected local teams and developers to secure long term PPAs, merchant power opportunities or tariff incentives with reputable and creditworthy off-takers.

  • Location: Identify and secure suitable land and rooftop permits for plant construction
  • Permitting: Obtain all necessary permits and regulatory approvals
  • Interconnection: Ensure the plan can be connected to the energy grid
  • PPA: Secure long term Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA”)

2. Financing & Construction

Our technical and commercial Teams optimize the design, equipment selection and warranties, ad safety conditions. Compliance with the budget and time guarantees completion of the project.

  • Design: Select equipment and Engineering, Procurement and Construction partner
  • Project Finance: secure non-recourse financing
  • Construction: EPC contractor builds the plant under a fixed-price, time limited, turnkey contract

3. Asset Management

Day-to-day running of the power plants and its performance ratio are guaranteed by strong O&M Providers. Our experienced in-house asset management team drives performance through real-time monitoring, issue detection and pro-active management.

  • Operations: Optimize plant performance leveraging Operations and Maintenance (“O&M”) partners
  • Loan Compliance: Ensure compliance with financial and non-financial covenants
  • Sale of Assets: Monitor asset pricing and select optimal exit timing and pricing structured sales process.


The global energy demand is set to grow by one third until 2040 according to the world energy outlook 2015 by the International Energy Agency (IEA). The growing trend is mainly due to the energy demand of industrialized countries. In 2015, 77 Percent of the new power plants built in the EU are powered with renewable sources.


The global photovoltaic market – as a sub-division of the whole solar technology – has more than tenfold in the last years. In 2014 alone, 14.6 billion US dollars were invested in solar power technologies (photovoltaic and concentrated solar power). This corresponds to a record growth rate of 25 %. Recently installed photovoltaic systems make up the major part, with a total output of about 46 GW.
Photovoltaic is ranked in first place in the world and in third place in growing markets. The European Photovoltaic Association (EPIA) also confirmed a shift of the largest markets from Europe to other regions of the worlds. EPIA said that the future growth will be driven mainly by Southeast Asia, Latin America, China, India, and the MENA region; by the middle of this century, solar energy will be the main source of energy.


Mulledmont Solar is currently developing projects with a peak capacity of more than 650 MW, which corresponds to an investment volume of about 1.2 billion US Dollars. The geographical focus is on Europe and Southeast Asia. Mulledmont Solar regularly checks new target markets.