We invest in green energy with a good conscience,
stable cash flows and high risk-adjusted returns.

Mulledmont Solar

Mulledmont Solar stands for sustainable, profitable investments in renewable energies. With an international project portfolio and a team consisting of experienced minds in the industry, we develop stable and lucrative investment products. Investing with Mulledmont Solar means investing responsibly, sustainably and profitably.
Mulledmont Solar stands out in implementation of sustainable, efficient, green energy infrastructure.

Turnover of solar projects: 380 MW
In 4 Countries
In the project pipeline: 1650 MW


It is necessary to provide a global, innovative and systemic development to achieve the sustainability of the energy transition to renewable energy sources. Companies like Mulledmont Solar can efficiently support this evolution.

Generate green energy on a foundation of expertise and wisdom.

The headquarter of Mulledmont Solar is in Dublin. The Company was built by one of the largest associated companies in the field of renewable energy.
Mulledmont Solar finances, builds and manages renewable energy plants in selected markets, with a clear focus on solar technologies.


Promoting economic growth of renewable energy infrastructure.

Mulledmont Solar actively invests in profitable green energy infrastructure projects, active in power generation, transmission and distribution. The regional focus is based upon economies with stable legal frameworks, off-take counterparties with excellent credit ratings, high energy prices and rising local energy demand and utilization of proven technologies from well-respected providers. A safe, economical and low-cost energy source is a primary key for social and economic growth.


Outline the future with responsible investment and sustainable management.

The company’s goal is to make a significant contribution to local solutions of political, social, economic and structural issues. Long-term strategies of Mulledmont Solar include development and expansion of the global renewable energy market, playing an important role in climate change and establishing itself as a leading provider of clean energy. Mulledmont Solar has invested in a responsible way and maintains a sustainable business management; we believe that companies investing in renewable energy must have a broader horizon of the future.

Environmental Responsibility

Anticipatory, Conscious, ethical and economical action

Mulledmont Solar is aware of its responsibility towards the environment, the responsibility towards current and future generations, and towards ourselves and our economical actions. We know that our activities have a significant impact on the world around us and on our cohabitation. All our holdings ultimately result in the improvement and certainly not in the damage, of our environment. Our fundamental decision to invest exclusively in renewable energies serves to achieve these goals. Last but not least, the high returns on long-term investments prove that ethical interactions and economical success co-operate rather than work against each other.